FrommConnect Can Modernize Your Production Lines

Upgrading PLC and HMI Software Leads to Higher Efficiency

A customer recently came to us looking for ways to lower production costs and increase efficiency of their grit blaster machine, which is used to roughen surfaces in preparation for painting, bonding, or spraying.

They previously used a dated controls system that required manual adjustments to regulate the speed of the production line’s carriage drive. This led to inefficiencies and a degree of guesswork on the line.

Our team provided a streamlined solution by implementing a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) software upgrade. This upgrade established precise recipes with predefined parameters for each product. Operators now simply input the desired recipe into the software, and the system automatically regulates the carriage drive at the correct speed. Is your company looking for ways to save time and modernize its production process?

Adam Dunn
FrommConnect Automation Engineer

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