Rockwell Software Upgrade Helps Keep Foundry’s Furnaces Operational 

A local steel foundry contacted our team about a broken temperature panel on their electric arc furnaces. For years, they had relied on an RSView32 component-based HMI to log environmental data. However, this platform was discontinued and no longer supported by Rockwell Automation. If unresolved, this would inevitably lead to ongoing fines for non-compliance with data recording regulations. 

We developed a migration plan that involved merging their PLC and HMI components and upgrading them to Rockwell’s FactoryTalk Optix platform. Now the foundry has all their components in one system. This provides a central location to monitor all furnaces with modern components providing advanced data reporting. The foundry could now comply and make better production decisions in real time.  

Is your company looking for ways to modernize its production process? We can help.  

Kim Phung  
Automation Engineer  

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