Upgrading Outdated PLC System to Safeguard Power Generation and Water Treatment 

A local power generation plant was using an outdated PLC 5 control system to manage critical processes at its water treatment plant. Processes include instrumentation and valve control for cooling turbines and managing wastewater. 

The decades old PLC 5 system had been discontinued by Rockwell Automation. It no longer received software updates and replacement parts had become costly and difficult to find. This posed a significant risk to the plant. If the PLC 5 system failed, it would put a strain on the local power grid and potentially lead to brownouts and blackouts. 

To minimize the risk to the plant and electric customers, they reached out to FrommConnect. Our team evaluated the system and developed a plan to replace the PLC 5 with a state-of-the-art Rockwell Automation ControlLogix and FactoryTalk Optix solution.  

The new equipment reset the system’s lifecycle. It functions much faster, collects larger batches of data, and can be securely accessed and controlled remotely. Most importantly, it has readily available replacement parts and is scalable for any future upgrades.   

Is your facility still operating with outdated equipment and hardware? We can help eliminate your risk of downtime.  

Kim Phung 
Automation Engineer  

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