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At the core of our mission is the commitment to ensuring your operations reach optimal performance and profitability. As your provider of comprehensive service solutions, our dedication, time, and energy are focused on ensuring the smooth running of your business activities, tailored to meet diverse needs.

Electrical Panelboard Assembly

To help our manufacturer and contractor clients minimize labor costs, our team of highly skilled technicians can construct and pre-assemble industrial and commercial-grade panelboards.
FrommConnect will install all mains and branch breakers required for operation, ensure the proper amperage, and provide the end user with a final assembled panelboard ready for wiring and installation.
Our panelboards are available for 120/240 volts single phase, 208/120 volts 3 phase, 480/277 volts 3 phase, up to 600-amp main device, and are available in N1, N3R or N12 ratings. Unfortunately, FrommConnect cannot offer this service for high leg voltages and branch breakers exceeding 100 amps; with exception to using one sub feed breaker for a non-main breaker needed over 100 amps.

Control Panel Fabrication

Using an automated modification process, FrommConnect’s experts can design and customize control panels for virtually any application.
This service frees up your employees for other work, and gives you a fully customized control panel with hardware mounted inside, and precision cutouts to fit switches, Human Machine Interfaces and other controls—all wired and ready to go.
In other instances, we can design and fabricate the enclosure with holes cut out for controls and switches, and deliver it to you ready to install all hardware, controls and wiring.

Individual holding electrical schematic in hands.

Electrical Schematic Design

Our electrical designers can produce and deliver full schematics for new equipment, detailing all electric components, wiring, and full configuration details for safety and functionality.
We can also produce updated schematics for existing machinery that might have undergone modifications over time, or for which the original schematics are missing, which are required to repair, alter, or upgrade existing components or controls.

Emergency and Troubleshooting Services

Did your critical machine stop working? Our emergency response technicians will help minimize downtime and restore production quickly.
Call FrommConnect, and we’ll be there as soon as possible (typically the same day) to troubleshoot and repair your machinery to get you back up and running. We can even train your employee technicians so they can fix future problems.


Looking to further your employees’ knowledge? We’ll help them understand how your machines—including hardware and related software—are supposed to operate, show them how to troubleshoot those machines, and teach them how to perform repairs to limit downtime.
Training can include Understanding Electricity in Industrial Equipment, Basic and Advanced PLC, Basic Networking, VMware Workstation for Automation Software and many others. We can also work with you to develop a customized training that includes Placement Assessments, Skill Building and more.

Variable Frequency Drive Start Up

When your technicians lack the expertise to set up, install, program, replace and maintain Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), one call to FrommConnect gets it done. Whether the task is setting up new equipment, troubleshooting, proactively upgrading a manufacturing line to avoid failure, or dealing with a product replacement after failure, we have years of experience installing and maintaining VFDs.
FrommConnect will install a VFD to help run your equipment more efficiently and to better control various processes around your facility. We specialize in VFD start-up, conversion, turn-key migration, and pre-programmed drive services. In most cases, we even offer an extended warranty to give you peace of mind.

Products staged on pallets in a warehouse.

Project Staging

For our electrical contractor clients, we can help reduce labor costs and improve installation times by pre-assembling, delivering and organizing certain components—lighting, for example, or electrical panels—that require installation on a project. In these instances, FrommConnect acts as a project manager to help get the job done on time and on budget.
We’ll coordinate with you to make sure your materials are delivered exactly when you need them. Then we’ll unload your materials at a convenient location on your jobsite so you don’t have to waste man-hours transporting products.

Technician working on programmable logic controller.

Programmable Logic Controller Migration

Automation equipment has a lifecycle, and when the time comes to upgrade your equipment, FrommConnect is here to help. We’ll remove, migrate and reprogram your machine’s PLC. During our migration process, we transfer all the data and programming into the new PLC and get your machine producing again. We can typically get you back online in as little as a couple hours.

Electrical Prefab

To help our contracting clients save labor costs, we can prewire and preassemble various electrical components before delivering them to the field during new construction.
Receptacle boxes, for example, or lighting fixtures—any component that requires repetitive assembly steps before the product can be installed—FrommConnect will handle all prewiring or assembly so you just have to connect a few wires to complete the project.

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Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a leading choice for service solutions tailored to a wide range of industries.

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Cutting-Edge Solutions

Stay ahead with state-of-the-art automation upgrades and industry-tailored hardware and software solutions.

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Efficiency Boost

We drive labor savings, enhance efficiency, and ensure system reliability to drive your bottom line.

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Reach out to us now to learn how our tailored service solutions can enhance your operations and propel your business towards success.

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